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Dieter van der Westen Band – Me and You

Dieter van der Westen , with the ins and outs about his album Me & You
Broadcast Monday March 23 , 19:00 CET Radio Duivenstraat

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“ One of the best albums ever made on Dutch soil in this genre of music” is one of the enervating quotes written in on the new album “Me and you” by the Dieter van der Westen band this spring. Renowned music magazine OOR classified the album as an album to cherish…

Now for just more than over a year Dieter van der Westen and his band are performing on festivals and venues in The Netherlands and this spring they released their brandnew album. The band spreads an eclectic mix of Americana, Indiefolk and World with songs that stick in peoples minds. Simple and catchy roots oriented songs, performed by some of the most skilled musicians.

Frits magazine describes Van der Westens voice as a mixture between a young Mark Knopfler with a twist of a folky Neil Young and also altcountryforum describes the sound in that direction. Indeed Van der Westen is influenced by Knopfler, Young as well as Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits. But having also a background in North African music he combines it with rhythms and tonality influenced by artists like Idir, Khaled and Manu Chao.  The album was enriched by the musical influences of Dieters brother Eric van der Westen bassplayer (Sezen Aksu, Martin Fondse, Lenine), guitar player Aron Raams (Gare du Nord, Paul de Leeuw), drummer Gijs Anders van Straalen (Wouter Hamel, Room Eleven), and from Banjo and Dobro player Joost Abbel (Zorita). On the album Mirte de Graaff performed the violin on the first four tracks.

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