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Jeffrey Halford and the Healers

Jeffrey Halford, with the ins and outs about the album West Towards South.
Broadcast Monday June 24 , Radio Duivenstraat (19:00 CET), Saturday June 29, (K)ansas (C)ity (O)nline (R)adio (6PM CT)

“The lonesome singer moaned through the speaker that was blown, while I was driving alone.”
“Driving Alone,” Kerosene

Jeffrey Halford, a singer/songwriter and guitarist, was born in Dallas, Texas, growing up listening to Roger Miller on a $2 transistor radio. In 1963, his parents, Colin and Effie Lou, headed west with their two young sons to a Los Angeles beach town in their ’59 El Dorado.

“Harvesters raked the barren fields, and the windswept towns just can’t conceal the emptiness of a time that’s come and gone.”
“Black Gold,” Hunkpapa

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