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Jesper Theis

Photo: Frank Nielsen

Jesper Theis, with the ins and outs about the album Narrow Line .
Broadcast Monday April 01 , Radio Duivenstraat (19:00 CET), Saturday April 06, (K)ansas (C)ity (O)nline (R)adio (6PM CT)

As human beings, we often deny the most pressing and obvious truths about ourselves, denying who we are and who we wish to be. On other occasions, we muster the courage to imagine what is possible, and we endeavor to turn that possibility into reality. 

Jesper Theis was a schoolteacher in Aalborg, a city of more than 200,000 residents in northern part of Denmark. In his heart, however, he is a musician – a songwriter, singer and guitarist – inspired by the mid-20th century blues, folk and gospel music of the Southern United States. 

At age 32, Theis recently recognized that he could not serve his musical passion on a part-time basis, so he has taken the proverbial leap of faith, quitting his job and making a full-time commitment to earning his “bread and butter” as a professional musician. 

“I couldn’t do both [teaching and music] properly. I always felt that I had to push away the music because my work took too much of my time,” Theis explains. 

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