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Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers, with the ins and outs about the album Laying It Down.
Broadcast Monday Juli 22 , Radio Duivenstraat (19:00 CET), Saturday Juli 27, (K)ansas (C)ity (O)nline (R)adio (6PM CT)

Mark Rogers cements his place in the indie folk pop scene as not just a reliably strong composer, but as a sonic force to be reckoned with.” – No Depression, June 2018 

I can firmly proclaim Mark Rogers to be one of the artists to watch in this burgeoning folk/rock revival, and his new album a must listen for anyone who is interested in seeing a blueprint of this new scene.” – The Indie Source, June 2018 

Mark Rogers is a BMI-published singer/songwriter with unique pop sensibilities.  His musical heritage, dating back to high school, blends harmony with folk, rock, country and bossa.  After college, Mark followed the chime of McGuinn’s 12-string in search of Zevon’s Los Angeles. In the 80’s, he headed a Cosmic American band in LA and played some of the loneliest clubs in Hollywood. An experience that contributed to his decision to spend the 90’s and 00’s raising a family in Washington, DC. “My music started returning to me in 2012 and I’ve since been writing the best music I’ve ever made.  It’s been a magnificent experience returning to this work, not to mention the sheer joy of it all”. 

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