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Ripoff Raskolnikov Band

Ripoff Raskolnikov, with the ins and outs about the album Small World.
Broadcast Monday December 10, Radio Duivenstraat (19:00 CET – 01PM CT)
Saturday December 15, (K)ansas (C)ity (O)nline (R)adio (6PM CT – 24:00 CET)

Both an accomplished blues guitar player and a prolific singer/songwriter,
Austrian-based Ripoff Raskolnikov must be considered one of the most
idiosyncratic figures on the European blues scene. Like thousands of his
colleagues, he admires and reveres such blues greats as Blind Willie McTell,
Skip James, Robert Johnson or John Lee Hooker.
On the other hand, and quite unlike most of his colleagues, he has no desire to imitate or copy them. Nor, for that matter, is he willing to remain within the boundaries of what is generally accepted as the blues.

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