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The Furious Seasons – La Fonda

Genre: Folk The Furious Seasons are an acoustic folk pop trio that creates complete soundscapes with very limited instrumentation. “The interplay between us sometimes feels [...]

15 oktober 2020 // 0 Reacties

Kelly’s Lot – Another Sky

Genre: Americana California based band, Kelly’s Lot, releases their new album in October 2020. “Another Sky” is the band’s 15th release and is a mix of [...]

15 oktober 2020 // 0 Reacties

The Gothic Cowboy – Bare Bones

Genre: folk alt-country folk rock roots blues Born in 1950, Melvin Litton grew up on a creek bank farm and small town in Kansas. A straight arrow out of highschool, he [...]

15 oktober 2020 // 0 Reacties

John Fusco – John the Revelator

Label: Checkerboard Lounge Recordings While best known as the creator of the 1986 blues movie classic ‘Crossroads’, John Fusco has returned to his musical stomping [...]

14 oktober 2020 // 0 Reacties

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