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CD van de week in Ongehoord: Calatea – Obsessive

Naast de vele (nieuwe muziek) die er langs komt bij Radio Duivenstraat in ONGEHOORD, nu ook elke week een album van de week.

In de week van 14 september t/m 18 september: Calatea – Obsessive

It all started in a tiny music shop in Uddevalla city. Natalie was singing her songs in the corner of a music shop and spellbound Daniel who sat in the crowd. It was the beginning of a deep friendship, but also of Calatea
They got to know each other and started singing harmonies to songs Natalie had written years ago.

Calatea is a Swedish Americana & Folk duo. The members Daniel Hansson and Natalie Johansson who’s also a couple, are recording the music in the basement studio they built in their house. Natalie who writes the song has a wild steady streams of lyrics comin’ out through the pen and you can hear a restlessness driven by anxiety and interpretations of love, often combined, like a comforting hug in the darkest corner. Calatea is an unsigned band, traveling through Sweden to sing their latest song for those who care to listen. Live they always get one question: how can you play all that at ones? Wherever you here them play there is an intimacy and playfulness in their appearance that makes you feel like you’re in their living room listening. You can tell that singing and playing is all they do in the evenings in their tiny brick house.

Natalie Johansson: Song, guitar, piano, harmonica, perkussions/drums.
Daniel Hansson: Song, guitar, piano, percussion/drums, bas.

Website Calatea

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