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CD van de week in Ongehoord: Cary Morin – Dockside Saints

Naast de vele (nieuwe muziek) die er langs komt bij Radio Duivenstraat in ONGEHOORD, nu ook elke week een album van de week.

In de week van 10 augustus t/m 14 augustus: Cary Morin – Dockside Saints

This recording project came about in 2018, at the urging of a friend of mine from Lafayette, LA. He thought that my Piedmont blues style of songwriting and guitar playing was a good fit for the rhythms and sounds of Cajun, Creole, and Zydeco music. He took me out to tour the infamous Dockside Studios in Maurice, LA, and encouraged Dockside’s founding engineer/producer, Tony Daigle, to attend my show in Lafayette that evening. Tony did come to my show that night, and upon leaving, told me that if I were to want to come to Maurice to record, he was my man. With the help of Tony Daigle and local drummer, Dave Nezat, we began to assemble an all-star cast of Lafayette area musical heroes and make a plan.`

The ancient Native culture of the South has been an inspiration as it relates to our travels and what has become an annual pilgrimage to the Mississippi Valley. This collection of songs represents our annual migration, just as my ancestors migrated from this region to the Western Plains so many centuries ago; sharing culture through music and more along the way. It is the product of our imagination of what was, and what has become our love of the sounds of the south.

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