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CD van de week in Ongehoord: Eric Hughes Band – Postcard From Beale Street

Naast de vele (nieuwe muziek) die er langs komt bij Radio Duivenstraat in ONGEHOORD, nu ook elke week een album van de week.

In de week van 11 t/m 15 mei: Eric Hughes Band – Postcard From Beale Street

Eric Hughes exemplifies Beale Street today: steeped in blues but
representing so much more; he has played over 4,000 shows on that famed avenue. Hughes sees his role of Beale Street mainstay as a profound honor and sacred responsibility. Eric is a musician, storyteller, historian, tour guide and a rock-solid songwriter. Through Postcard From Beale Street he lets you hear what
Memphis sounds like today, and what it sounded like yesterday.
Eric’s songs here range in style from soul, indie, jug-band, ballad,
rock, and – of course – blues. Eric and his band of skilled musicians
(who toured and recorded with music legends such as Albert and BB King, Little Milton, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Jeff Beck, Buddy Miles and many more) are augmented by solid Memphis session players (with musical resumes that rival anyone). Postcard From Beale Street represents the diverse influences that make Memphis music more than a thing of the past. Like Memphis, Eric’s music can’t be “pigeon-holed”; he’s not merely a blues artist. This is a songwriting
album: ear candy from some fine musicians. Each of these songs tell a story through lyrical imagery and crafty songwriting. All of these songs are ABOUT something, not just words to accompany music.

In ieder uur bij ONGEHOORD zal er een nummer van het album gedraaid worden.

ONGEHOORD is te beluisteren op maandag van 17:00 tot 19:00 en op dinsdag t/m vrijdag van 17:00 tot 18:00
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