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CD van de week in Ongehoord: Kat Pearson – My Roots

Naast de vele (nieuwe muziek) die er langs komt bij Radio Duivenstraat in ONGEHOORD, nu ook elke week een album van de week.

In de week van 01 t/m 05 juni: Kat Pearson – My Roots

Kat Pearson (Kat & Co) is back with a new solo album which focuses on her afro American origins
MY ROOTS is a work full of memories from the past and stories about her family. It all started in the cotton fields of rural Tennessee where her ancestors, newly freed slaves originally from Africa, had to jump on the Labour’s Train to look for work. And then escaping racial discrimination the grandparents relocated to Oklahoma working as sharecroppers, until finally her parents moved to Long Beach (LA) at the time of the Civil Rights Riots.
Recorded live on March 6, 2019 at Resident Studio London by Francesco Accurso, long-time associate and partner at Kat&Co Music, who also takes guitar and mixing duties.
It also features the Marco Marzola Jazz Trio on tour in the UK at the time, with Marco Marzola on double bass, Nico Menci on piano and Lele Barbieri on the drums.

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