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Catfish – Exile, Live in Lockdown

Exile – Live in LockdownCatfish’s new live double disc package of CD and DVD will be released on 1 December 2020. 2020. A strange year to say the least. Lockdown was initiated in March to combat COVID- 19. Like all other musicians, all of our forthcoming dates had been cancelled or rescheduled, both in the UK and Europe. As the situation eased off slightly in the summer, we were approached by Blues Maastricht Festival in Holland to do a full band live stream. We jumped at the opportunity to play live and loud as a full band! We found a great venue and tech team to put the live stream together and the broadcast went out live across Europe. The band had not played together in over 5 months. Despite this, we decided to forgo any rehearsals, so the excitement and energy would be palpable and apparent. And we believe it is. It’s an hour’s live show with no audience in the room due to restrictions in place at the time, just a skeleton crew of talented technicians. We hope you enjoy this live recording. It’s not something that was ever planned but, if anything, it’s a snapshot of 2020 and of the excitement and elation of Catfish reuniting with the stage in the midst of some dark times.

01 Broken Man 11:02
02 Break Me Down 3:14
03 Ghosts 6:18
04 Soulbreaker 3:56
05 The Root Of All Evil 7:20
06 The Big Picture 3:59
07 Better Days 4:36
08 Archangel 5:46
09 Too Far To Fall 4:05
10 Exile 10:26

Bonus tracks on DVD only:
Up In Smoke
Leading Me On

Matt Long: Guitar & Vocal
Paul Long: Keyboards & Vocal
Adam Pyke: Bass
Kev Hickman: Drums

Catfish’s website is at
YouTube channel is at
FaceBook is at

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