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Label: (Thirty Tigers/Sweetworld)
Available formats: LP, CD
Release date: Friday, July 17th 2020

David Ramirez’ new album ‘My Love is a Hurricane’ is an ode to love from an exhausted heart. The lyrics and storytelling of once heart-broken and cynical singer/songwriter David Ramirez sit upon dreamy, psychedelic landscapes that evoke genre-melding contemporaries from Michael Kiwanuka to Grizzly Bear. In facing his pain and self-doubt head on, Ramirez turned ‘My Love is a Hurricane’ into a story of potential, survival, hope, and encouragement.

The album arrives following the defiant, politically-charged 2017 LP ‘We’re Not Going Anywhere’ – “If Springsteen made a record about living in Trump’s America, you’d hope it might sound like [this]”, said Uncut – and is the latest in a prolific body of work that’s been evolving from stark, earnest Americana into something far more expansive, now experimenting with pianos, synths and gospel/R&B influences. Where Ramirez’s last album painted a picture of life in contemporary America through the lens of his own Mexican heritage, ‘My Love Is A Hurricane’ is an even more personal and introspective affair; a ten-track collection charting the tumultuous, unpredictable journey of falling in and out of love, written over the course of such a relationship.

01 Lover, Will You Lead Me?
02 Hell
03 I Wanna Live In Your Bedroom
04 My Love Is A Hurricane
05 Hallelujah, Love Is Real!
06 Heaven
07 Shine On Me
08 Easy Does It
09 Coast To Coast
10 Prevail!

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