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Diane Durrett & Soul Suga – Put A Lid On It

Release Date: September 24, 2021
Label: Blooming Tunes Music

Having lost all their live shows during this pandemic, Diane Durrett and her crew in Atlanta got busy in the studio, tracking new songs, and creating videos to share the message of love, hope and laughter, which has always been pivotal to the Soul Suga experience. The acclaimed singer, songwriter and producer continued her collaboration with band mates, drummer Melissa Junebug, keyboardist Yoel B’nai Yehuda, Mike Burton on saxophone, and bass players Fuji Fujimoto and Gregg Shapiro, guitarists Tomi Martin, Cody Matlock, Ian Schumacher, and special guest Tinsley Elis, on eight new tracks for her ninth album Put A Lid On It

The material Durrett and her group create certainly oozes soul, defined by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as “music that arose out of the black experience in America through the transmutation of gospel and rhythm & blues into a form of funky, secular testifying.” The songs all feature Durrett’ s smokey alto and concise lyrical sensibility on subjects of life and love through genre blending styles of blues, pop, gospel, jazz, and funk all delivered with signature sass, style and, of course, soul.

The introspective ballad, “ In My Soul,” opens the album with Durrett at the piano making the first declaration of love with an open heart. She then consoles a dear one on the slow-burning affirmation “We Got It,” simply explaining “you never have to worry in my arms.” “ Sweeter Love Grows” is an autobiographical testimonial of love at first sight and how the fire burns deeper as time nurtures a solid relationship. Initially released as the first of three video singles the breezy shuffle, “ Blue Water,” has a laid-back summertime feel and tasty guitar playing from Matlock. Durrett leads the congregation in a pleading hymn “Wish It Would Rain,” with Yehuda providing sublime Hammond organ and piano

Alligator recording artist and fellow Atlanta bluesman, Tinsley Ellis, drops a sizzling lead as Durrett whips out some of her trademark sauciness on the swinging “Put A Lid On It.” She implores her lover to shut off the TV and pay attention to her on the bawdy “Good News.” The fun-loving party anthem, “ Make America Groove,” closes out the set with hot horn jabs over a funky dance beat and nods to Aretha and the Star-Spangled Banner.

Put A Lid On It, from Diane Durrett and Soul Suga, not only showcases the talent and creativity of this strong group, but also their tenacity to carry on artistic endeavors and offer us some much-needed solace in these troubling times. – Rick J Bowen

01 In My Soul
02 We Got It
03 Sweeter Love Grows
04 Blue Water
05 Wish It Would Rain
06 Put A Lid On It
07 Good News
08 Make America Groove

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