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Double-release day John Howard

Hooray! It’s release day! Well, double-release day in fact. My new album, To The Left of The Moon’s Reflection is available from today across all digital platforms while my second book, Illusions of Happiness, the sequel to 2018’s Incidents Crowded With Life, is published today by Fisher King Publishing. More about the book here.

With a career that spans nearly 50 years, “To The Left Of The Moon’s Reflection” represents the first US label release of John Howard’s beautiful music – and we’re honored to be that label!  A great big thanks goes out to Edward Rogers for putting John in contact with Kool Kat!  John made an obscure (but, over the years, critically heralded) British singer/songwriter album, 1975’s “Kid In A Big World” which, like several efforts from others during that period, showed the heavy influence of then-newly emergent superstar Elton John.  John was lower-key and more inclined toward eccentric story-songs, and he too had a keyboard base to his arrangements, with melodic ideas combining Beatles/Beach Boys pop with 70’s singer/songwriter fare. 

Never really going away, and always creating, over the years John has quietly, previously released 16 albums on labels like RPM, Bad Pressings, Cherry Red, Tapete, and You Are The Cosmos, as well as self-releasing some of his material.  He’s still in fine voice here!  “The songs, melancholic but never dour, look at the past to make sense of the present.  Loss, longing, and the search of peace recur through songs constructed with Howard’s trademark stacked vocal harmonies and always-pleasing melodies.  

Label: Kool Kat

Website John Howard

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