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Elly Wininger – The Blues Never End

Release Date: September 17, 2021

What I was thinking while putting this album together…

Traditions endure and remain vital when artists interpret rather than just copy. This set of 13
songs, including 4 original compositions, brings a contemporary set of aesthetics, rooted in tradition,
to a variety of blues and gospel styles. You’ll hear influences of Cajun, ragtime, old timey, jazz and
country, affirming the proximity and cross pollination of all these styles, and their commonality in actual practice, both today and historically. We Americans grew up together with an incredible richness and variety of musics. I hope this album encourages an appreciation and enjoyment of that living diversity. – Elly Wininger, 2014 New York Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee

01 Let That Liar Alone
02 Skinny Legs Blues
03 Right Kind Of Trouble
04 Special Rider Blues
05 Alabama Blues
06 The Blues Never End
07 (I Wanna Be Like) Rosie
08 As The Crow Flies
09 Black Snake Moan
10 God Moves On The Water
11 God Moves On The Water
12 Leavin’ Blues
13 Old Riley

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