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G.F. PATRICK – One Town Over

Release Date July 17 2020

Philadelphia-based guitarist and songwriter G.F. Patrick uses a Georgia-born post-country voice to examine the lives of everyday people and the way their unique pressure points have brought them to the given moment. While staying true to the folk and country idioms, he deftly repurposes song styles to attack outdated archetypes, putting music to the narratives of the
overlooked and forgotten. By crafting songs and telling stories, G.F. Patrick
seeks to create opportunities for conversations that avoid the polarizing
effects of our current time.

photo by Gina Fitzpatrick
photo by Gina Fitzpatrick

His debut full-length album, One Town Over is the sequel to a coming of age
story. Tales of young people trying to figure out who they’re going to be are
replaced by adults trying to come to terms with the results of those decisions. Warm and friendly nostalgia is revealed as the cruel and cold liar that whispers how bad things are now. There’s a recognition that big screen
eternal happiness isn’t there, but also that it was never meant to be that way; life, in all its leaps and falls, is more than a carefully curated photo stream.

There is also something shared about this experience. Each of us, at any given moment, can feel isolated or uniquely unhappy. But there is nothing singular about our adult concerns and fears. While we recognize this about
the troubles of our childhood, we still easily imagine that at last, we have touched something that no one else has experienced. We pretend ourselves alone in the hopes that we won’t be asked to share the burdens of another, or perhaps more terrifying, allow our burden to be shared.

During his time as a member of award winning, genre-fluid folk-favourites, Black Horse Motel, G.F. Patrick honed his songwriting skills, taking lyrical aim at outdated archetypes and putting music to the narratives of the overlooked and forgotten. Moving from the bluegrass inspired folk sounds of Black Horse Motel, G.F. Patrick has moved into the rock and alt-country world with his new release One Town Over on which he’s backed by
renowned drummer/percussionist Billy Conway (Morphine, Jeffrey Foucault), Frank Swart on bass (Patty Griffin, Norah Jones, Buddy Miller) and Mark Blasquez on guitars and keys.

He is currently writing his next album, performing live-streams, and looking forward to the day when we can all get
back on the road.


01 Mud (4:48)
02 Trucker’s Song (4:18)
03 Refugee’s Plea (Jungle Prayer) (4:22)
04 One Town Over (4:02)
05 Tennessee 3:09)
06 Anger of Magdalene (3:01)
07 Butterfly Effect (3:32)
08 James McGovern (3:22)
09 Blood on the Bottle (3:39)
10 Six-String Directions (4:06)
11 Like Father (4:40)
12 Till the Day We Die (3:54)
13 Beauty Fades (3:23)
14 Water Rising Up* (3:35) Segues at 3:44 into unlisted bonus track
Weep (3:58)

All songs written by G.F. Patrick

Website G.F. PATRICK

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