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Giulia Millanta Tomorrow Is A Bird

Format: CD, DL & STREAM
Label: Ugly Cat Music
Release Date: January 29 2021

Musician. Traveller. Writer. Warrior. Cook. a nomad. a dreamer. sometimes a comedian. always a cricket…Alternative-Americana music with a European Twist.

Giulia Millanta goes to bed late and she is a light Giulia Millanta sleeper… you can wake her up by simply staring at her. When she is asleep, she dreams. In her dreams, like in a surreal and cathartic short movie, she flies, she dances and floats in the dark night sky, she talks to animal-headed creatures, she explores places she has never been, she explores herself. Her dreams become her songs, her stories, her reality.

“In a dream you can do what you want” which means that we all are free to reinvent ourselves and always start fresh, you can “follow the sound of your own feet” and “fly so high, above doubts, mistakes and failed attempts to die”.

Giulia’s 7th solo album Tomorrow is a Bird is about re-evaluating life, about endings and beginnings, failures and opportunities, about changing direction, trusting that the wind will support your wings and get you where you need to go. “Today is a Feather, Tomorrow is a Bird”

“Following a similar thread to 2018’s Conversations With a Ghost, the Italian native’s seventh album weaves strummed ruminations and midnight melancholy into a satisfying, emotive whole heightened by a beautifully uncluttered arrangement highlighting Millanta’s and David Pulkingham’s tranquil guitars, Brian Standefer’s ethereal cello, and Gabriel Rhodes’ production. Earnest and baring, her songs glean a tactile intimacy that swell with heart. Her emotional awareness conveys these listless times on “Castle in the Clouds,” and loving kindness yearns with a crying insistence in “Sugar Home,” casting that same stirring spell for the stinging ache of “Kiss You Goodbye” and smoldering “Unconventional,” the closer that burns bittersweet.” Austin Chronicle

In September 2020, Giulia also published her first book, Between the Strings…

“This book is a collection of thoughts, reflections and moments I’ve experienced in my life on and off the road. It’s a look at the other side of being a musician: what happens to me, around me or in me, between tours, between shows, between sessions, between the strings, along with little (and big) lessons I have learned about life, attitude, fashion, food, places, people, myself, the habits that keep me sane and healthy, those I decided to let go of, those I had to review and change. It’s the world as seen through the eyes of full-time, constantly traveling musician; a bi-continental citizen; an independent artist who works her butt off; a doctor who never practiced medicine one single day and decided to give it all up to play music; a woman in this crazy world; a loving friend; a scared child; a passionate lover of life; a dreamer; a lizard; a cricket. My intention here is not to teach anything, but simply to share.”

01 Castle in the Clouds (2:58)
02 Tomorrow is a Bird (3:21)
03 In a Dream (3:07)
04 Sugar Home (4:01)
05 Animal (3:19)
06 Kiss You Goodbye (2:45)
07 Breathe (3:37)
08 Quiet Fight (3:01)
09 Violet (3:27)
10 Unconditional (3:04)

All songs by Giulia Millanta except ’Castle in the Clouds’ by Giulia Millanta & Gabriel Rhodes and ‘In a Dream’ by Giulia Millanta, Gabriel Rhodes & Miles Zuniga

Following 2 years of collaborations and extensive touring in the US and Northern Europe, Giulia returned to the studio in early 2020 to record her latest album, Tomorrow is a Bird. Once again co-produced by Giulia with guitar player and multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Rhodes, the album features some of the most influential musicians in the Austin music scene including David Pulkingham, Brian Standefer (Alejandro Escovedo, Terry Allen) and Joey Shuffield (Fastball).


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