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Gravel & Grace – Gravel & Grace

Gravel & Grace is an innovative R&B and blues group based out of the gorgeous California Central Valley that has taken their region by storm. This seven-piece band includes masterful instrumentalists and is fronted by two soulful blues singers.

Big Earl Matthews is a blues veteran of more than 20 years of experience who has done everything under the sun to be-come the singer he is today. Ava Grace is a seventeen-year-old high school junior whose family ties in Mississippi nourished her passion for singing the blues. Their powerful love of sing-ing and music brought their paths together to grace the world with Gravel & Grace.

There is nothing this group can’t do. Since their rst gig in April 2019, Gravel & Grace’s popularity has exploded across California, they have been nominated for a Modesto Area Mu-sic Award, and have complete their rst national tour. This year brings Gravel & Grace’s debut album Gravel & Grace, a high octane, original album that demonstrates the star quality and passion of this exceptional group of musicians

Vocals – Ava Grace
Vocals – Earl Matthews
Guitar – Issac Lewis
Guitar – Ricky Galvan
Keyboard – Ava Grace
Saxophone – William Melendez
Bass – Joshua Broom
Drums – Raymond Vazira

01 Scares Me 4:05
02 Next Move 4:04
03 Bottles 3:36
04 When I’m Hungover 3:14
05 Love On the Brain 4:05
06 Sunday Afternoon 2:38
07 Not About A Boy 4:57
08 Picture Perfect 2:04
09 Pennies 2:48
10 Wash My Blues 3:38
All songs are originals with the exception of “Love on the
Brain” by Rihanna

Website Gravel & Grace

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