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Volume One – Jo Harman and Company circa 2010-2013 (the ‘rock’ years)

This first part of the ‘Live Anthology’ covers Jo Harman and Company earliest years circa 2010-2013 when, from a standing start, she, and they, quickly established themselves as one of the foremost blues/rock/soul acts not just on the international circuit, as evidenced by the various Awards, prestigious bookings, offered (if refused!) record deals and more, which came Jo’s way.

Much as Jo Harman enjoyed ‘rocking out’ (and does still) she never really wanted to be pigeonholed as a ‘Rock’ or ‘Blues’ singer – preferring to develop her own career path as a more rounded vocalist and songwriter, free of pressures and expectations limited by ‘tribal’ genres. And rightly so, no doubt, given her subsequent ability to connect successfully across so many genres with such compelling sincerity and authenticity. But that said, one feels she could have carved a huge career for herself as a major rock and blues artist had she chosen to go that route. As I think this collection demonstrates. And what a band she had with ‘The Company’ too. Eschewing rehearsal or any kind of ‘music by numbers’ approach in favour of a more ‘jam band’ style, organically ‘playing in the moment’ and as a consequence no two performances were ever the same. Yet one common theme of those early days – so readily demonstrated on this collection – was one of blazing energy and high wire risk taking which brought a blistering sense of excitement to proceedings. Once the band and Jo started to get to know the material more intimately, it seems she, and they, moved on…..

So the tracks on this Anthology have been chosen (from not inconsiderable live archives) to reflect that approach and whilst four of the tracks are taken from the (now no longer available) ‘Live At Hideaway’ – Jo’s first ever release – there are 6 previously unreleased tracks, some of them landmark performance central to Jo’s career.

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