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John McDonough – Second Chances

Release Date: March 17, 2021

“I’m very nostalgic for the days of MTV’s unplugged, and I have always loved the combination of the rock ’n’ roll voice with acoustic instrumentation. I have dreamed of making a CD in this vein for a long time.” Choosing his favorite songs from ‘Dreams and Imagination’ (2014) and ‘Surrounding Colors’ (2016), McDonough has created an acoustic CD that is upbeat while introspective, full sounding while sparse, and rocking in its intricacy.

With his songwriting skills honed and returning to his roots of being an acoustic singer/songwriter, McDonough’s 2019 release, ‘Can You See Me Now’ landed on several American charts as well as gathered airplay and great reviews worldwide. Unable to tour in 2020 as planned due to the pandemic, McDonough used his downtime to focus on his guitar skills and the rearrangement of these older songs. “I felt the songs would really shine with the focus being on my words and melodies.”

While acoustic and sparse, ‘Second Chances’ has a full, bright sound. Kris Farrow’s acoustic lead is intricate and engrossing as well as nuanced and tender. The strings add a sophisticated beauty to the arrangements, and Cody Rathmell’s backing vocals polish everything off with an interest and energy that leaves you wishing the CD would never end.

McDonough has been disciplined and dedicated in the study of his craft since retiring from psychotherapy in 2011. This release is a testament that songs, and people, deserve second chances.

Track Listing:
01 The Place Where I Belong (Acoustic) 3:20
02 Tonight’s The Night (Acoustic) 3:25
03 Your Love Sets Me Free (Acoustic) 2:28
04 I Wish I Could Fly (Acoustic) 3:14
05 Nowhere Else To Run (Acoustic) 4:34
06 I’m Home (Acoustic) 3:42
07 Give Me One More Day To Say Goodbye (Acoustic) 2:55
08 Save A Life (Acoustic) 2:36
09 Planes Fly Too Low (Acoustic) 3:05
10 You Don’t Know This (Acoustic) 4:24

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