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Kaja & Tetra – Midvintervaka : Vintra Solstico

For a decade, the show “Midvintervaka” has warmed light thirsty, frozen winter souls, from the north to the south. The ensembles Kaja and Tetra now celebrate its 10 year anniversary with the jubilee album “Vintra Solstico”. Welcome into the warmth, to a bountiful Christmas table laden with scents, tastes and sounds from the North, the Middle East, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

11 years ago, the music ensembles Kaja and Tetra found each other in a mutual passion for new musical encounters. There, the idea of a performance on the theme of Christmas, fellowship and midwinter vigil was born. A colorful Christmas show, where the audience is welcomed into the warmth with dance and music from various ethnic music traditions. Nordic, Greek, Arabic, Romany, Macedonian, Galician, Caribbean and Argentinian Tango, alternating with original compositions and poetry.

In 2011, the show “Midvintervaka” had its world premiere in Gothenburg, resulting in superb reviews. Since then, the highly praised show has toured from Piteå to Malmö, and in 2012 the debut album with the same name was also released.

“Midvintervaka” now celebrates its 10 year anniversary. The performance has been dressed in new garments with deeper hues and new features since the world premiere. The follow up album “Vintra Solstico”, i.e. midwinter solstice in Esperanto, presents a wide musical scope, Maria hymns from Europe and Lebanon, a sufi song from Morocco, ‘Silent Night’ in greek and spanish, as well as new compositions, poems and improvisation. The music was recorded at Studio Epidemin, with Gothenburg’s foremost folk music producer Henrik Cederblom at the mixing desk.

“Vintra Solstico” can now be enjoyed in our homes as the winter solstice and Christmas celebrations are approaching.

Maria Stellas – Vocals and Percussion
Ingrid Brännström – Vocals and Percussion
Anna Ottertun – Vocals and Percussion
Sanna Källman – Vocals, Cello and Percussion
Camilla Åström – Accordeon and Vocals
Livet Nord – Violinquintone, Mandoline, Vocals, Percussion
Jenny Kristoffersson – Double Bass and Vocals

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