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Mean Mary – Alone

Release Date: September 18 2020
Label: Woodrock Records
Format: CD & DL

Alone is quite literally Mean Mary alone. The ten original songs, recorded in
her home studio in Nashville, are stripped down to a minimal production of just her voice and an instrument. Leaving her other instruments aside, Mary opts for a lone guitar, a banjo, or a banjitar (a combination of the two). Her straightforward yet dramatic arrangements highlight the personal songwriting and natural depth of her voice. Since Mary often tours as a solo artist, she describes this album as “a live performance with no applause … just silence and the next song.”

Songs about life on the road – ‘Come Along’ and ‘Big Tour Bus’ – gently meld
into songs from Mary’s childhood in the rural parts of Florida – ‘Another
Barefoot Day’ and ‘We Never Hear the Song’. There are songs of trial and triumph – I Can Be Brave’, ‘Sparrow Alone’ and ‘What About Today? – and she gleefully presents her fun side while taking liberties with traditional tunes. She turns the well-known bluegrass song, ‘Nine Pound Hammer’, into an original blues song titled ‘Nine Pound Banjo’ and makes the old folk song, ‘Cindy’, her own with flirty new lyrics and a jazzy romp of a tune. In her Bonnie and Clyde inspired story-song, ‘Breathless’, Mary unapologetically sings about the darker side of life and completes the album’s roller-coaster of raw and real emotions.

01 Come Along (3:10)
02 Nine Pound Banjo (2:51)
03 Another Barefoot Day (3:39)
04 What About Today? (2:59)
05 Big Tour Bus (3:28)
06 Sparrow Alone (4:23)
07 I Can Be Brave (3:29)
08 Little Cindy (3:04)
09 Breathless (4:30)
10 We Never Hear the Song (3:53)

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