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Os Barbapapas – DooWooDooWoo

Release date: Friday, April 30th 2021
Label: Fun In The Church

Ready for take-off: Brazilian psychedelic quartet Os Barbapapas will release their first record DooWooDooWoo on 30rd April. Berlin-based record label Fun In The Church celebrates an LP release perfectly in line with their motto “Outernational Music For Interplanetary People”: DooWooDooWoo by Os Barbapapas will be the international debut of a highly talented band straight from the hip psychedelic scene in São. The result is a wondrous trip propelling us into outer space, to a lyrically unmanned space station where instrumental needles pierce the membrane of our planetary horizon, making way for a holistic psychedelic experience of our world.

Our tour guides are Barbara Mucciollo (Drums, Percussion), Selva Rubens (Electric Guitar), Fernando Lima (Percussion, Drums) and Tomás Oliveira (Glass Harp, Bass), who is also responsible for production and mix. In times like these, producing a record like DooWooDooWoo is not a trivial thing at all, especially in Brazil, where Covid struck hard. The four artists had to improvise: since the initial plan to record an album in a studio was made impossible, the already drafted songs where postponed in favor of a new concept. Everyone recorded ideas for themselves, to which the others would contribute their tracks later, eventually building the 13 track-long interstellar journey that is the album. Collective improvisation chronologically untangled.

Though DooWooDooWoo was created in physical distance, the LP still became a 25-minute-long monument to the extraordinary vibe of the band. While listening to the first bars of the album and asking oneself if this could also be The Residents or Hermeto Pascoal producing Khruangbin’s next record, one has already been befallen by the spell of the four Brazilian mages.

Here, Tropicália meets exotica. Space meets desert. Surf meets western. The evoked visions maintain their wonder throughout the whole album, supported by the varied rhythms of the two drummers Mucciollo and Lima, who alternate skillfully between funky grooves, electronic sounds and classic percussion patterns, awarding the album a continuous flow. Brought together with Oliveira’s science-fiction sounds produced by his Glass Harp and the absence of vocals, they unfold a hypnotizing force that seems to slow down time. Os Barbapapas weave us a sound that could only have been created in the cultural melting pot that is São Paulo. All the more exciting that Fun In The Church will deliver us that sound on vinyl.

Track Listing:
01 Grou
02 Iiiiriri
03 Sanga
04 Zaatar
05 Saudade dos Humanos
06 Buena Onda
07 Sambeven
08 Doowoodoowoo
09 Noturna
10 Hy Brasil
11 Transparente
12 Vento
13 Medo de Muvuca

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