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Rachel Baiman – Cycles

Format: CD, LP, DL & STREAM
Label: Signature Sounds Recordings
Release Date: June 11 2021

With her 2017 album Shame, Americana songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
Rachel Baiman emerged as a fearless voice of the American female experience.
Produced by Andrew Marlin of Mandolin Orange, the album established her
role as part of a new generation of political songwriters and was featured on
NPR’s “Songs We Love”, called a “Rootsy Wake-up Call” by Folk Alley, and
described by Vice’s “Noisey” as “flipping off authority one song at a time.” On
her new full-length album Cycles, her first for esteemed folk & Americana label,
Signature Sounds Recordings, Baiman has found a grittier musical medium for
her signature unabashed and defiant songwriting, employing a majorityfemale team including co-producer Olivia Hally, best known as the front
woman of Indie-pop band Oh Pep!

Cycles is a collection of songs encompassing the many ways that we destroy
and rebuild as people, as families, and the United States as a country. Songs
about the cycle of life inspired by the birth of a nephew and the loss of a
grandmother, songs about internal mental cycles of ambition and self-doubt,
the cycle of progress and regression in the United States’ political journey, and
the cycles of growth and reinvention that relationships take on. At times
heartbreaking, at times celebratory, the album is a reflection of a lot of life
experienced in a relatively short amount of time, a desire to hold fast to the
people we love in the wake of so much uncertainty, and an exploration of the
immense and unique strength of women in the face of adversity.

Originally from Chicago, Baiman moved to Nashville at eighteen, and has spent
the last decade working as a musician in a wide variety of roles – from session
musician (Molly Tuttle, Kelsey Waldon, Caroline Spence) to live side-woman
(Kacey Musgraves, Amy Ray), to bandmate and producer. Fiddle music was her first love, and she is known in the
bluegrass and old-time world for her work with progressive acoustic duo 10 String Symphony with fiddle player
Christian Sedelmyer. Since 2017, Baiman has toured her solo project internationally with appearances at the Kilkenny
Roots Festival in Ireland, the Mullum Music Festival in Australia, and the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage in
Washington, DC. She has also released a variety of small-scale projects; her 2018 Free Dirt EP Thanksgiving, which read
as a sort of epilogue to Shame, a 2020 duet project with singer Mike Wheeler, The “Countin on You” Sessions, which is
a more stripped down nod to her acoustic roots, and solo single, ‘Wrong Way Round’, which shows more sonic
experimentation and hints at the musical direction of Cycles.

Inspired by the burgeoning grunge rock scene in Melbourne, Cycles was recorded in Australia in the glorified storage
unit known as Purple Wayne Studios (Big Smoke) with engineer Alex O’Gorman (Angie McMahon). In addition to Hally
on bass, piano and guitar, and Baiman on guitar, strings and banjo, other musicians include Melbourne drummer Bree
Hartley, guitar players Cy Winstanley (Brandy Clarke) and Josh Oliver (Mandolin Orange), and guest vocalists Dan
Parsons, Dan Watkins and Maggie Rigby (The Maes). The album was mixed by GRAMMY winning engineer Shani Gandhi, who is based in Nashville but is originally from Australia.

01 Cycles (3:06)
02 Joke’s on Me (2:46)
03 Rust Belt Fields (4:29)
04 Wyoming Wildflowers (3:19)
05 When You Bloom (Colorado) (4:01)
06 Hope it Hurts (2:39)
07 Young Love (3:49)
08 Ships in the Night (2:51)
09 No Good Time for Dying (2:58)
10 The Distance (2:45)

All songs written by Rachel Baiman except Cycles, Jokes on Me, Wyoming Wildflowers
& When You Bloom (Colorado), by Rachel Baiman and Olivia Hally,
Rust Belt Fields by Slaid Cleaves and Rod Picott
and The Distance by Rachel Baiman, Maya de Vitry and Jenee Fleenor

Rachel Baiman: Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle, strings
Olivia Hally: Vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, piano
Bree Hartley: Drums
Cy Winstanley: Vocals, electric guitar
Josh Oliver: Vocals, electric guitar
Maggie Rigby: Vocals
Dan Parsons: Vocals
Dan Watkins: Vocals, acoustic guitar on ‘Rust Belt Fields’
Produced by Rachel Baiman and Olivia Hally
Recorded by Alex O’Gorman
at Purple Wayne Studios, Melbourne, Australia
Additional Recording by Fraser Montgomery
at The Aviary in Abbotsford, Australia
Mixed by Shani Gandhi in Nashville, TN
Mastered by Jon Neufeld in Portland, OR
Artwork, Photography and Design by Gina Binkley

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