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Randy Casey – Record Time

There is never a bad time to buy great music. But there could not possibly be a better time to buy Randy Casey’s new album Record Time.

The album, 11 all-original tracks recorded in just 24 hours of studio time with Randy playing all instruments, harks back to a simpler time, when songs had to sink or swim based on musicianship and songwriting rather than studio tricks and gaudy effects, when music was played on records, not MP3 players.

The album comes at a good time. This pared-down follow up to Randy’s acclaimed  2018 album I Got Lucky finds America in  crisis. And Randy’s album will not only help you enjoy staying home, it will help address one of the most important causes of this turbulent era-that of system racism in law enforcement.

Randy is donating half of all proceeds from the sale of this album to the Equal Justice Initiative, which spotlights a number of organizations calling for a range of reforms, all of which have been working on these complex issues at the local and national level for years. “By making a purchase of Record Time you will not only help support me, you’ll help the Equal Justice Initiative with greatly needed police reform in the United States,” Randy says. “I believe it to be a very worthy cause and a mighty fine record.” It couldn’t come at a better time.

The twang and swamp blues of Say No More feels like a soundtrack without need of a film. In a car, or, better yet a Greyhound, it does for passing scenery what Ry Cooder did for ‘Paris, Texas.” – Bill Snyder, No Depression

01 Deep End
02 Sleep
03 Teach Me To Fall Down
04 I Don Like You Anymore
05 Lucky
06 Back On The Blues
07 Dead Wrong
08 I Got Lucky
09 That Train
10 It’s About Love
11 Graceland Kiss

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