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Robbin Kapsalis and Vintage#18 – Soul Shaker

Release Date: October 10, 2021
Label: Bird Song Records

The energy in the studio was high,the vibe strong. It should be, We’ve been playing together for eight
years, and it was time to share our music once again. When the last note was played, we couldn’t stop
smiling: my heart hurt I felt so proud of us. I think we accomplished our goal for this album…bring that live
energy we’re known for to each song…make’em feel it!

Robbin Kapsalis – Vocals
Bill Holter – Guitar
Mark Chandler – Bass Guitar, Guitar
Alex Kuldell – Drums, Percussion
Ron Holloway – Saxophone (Shake It Baby, Lost Souls, Boogaloo and Jukin’)
Thomas Williams – Trumpet (Lost Souls and Boogaloo)
Vince McCool – Trumpet (Shake It Baby and Jukin’)

01 Shake It Baby 4:24
02 Lost Souls 3:10
03 Boogaloo 3:02
04Living Large 3:37
05 You Don’t Deserve Me 3:54
06 Jukin’ 2:44
07 From The Heart Of The One 3:51
08 Silver Spoon 3:08
09 Fever 4:03
10 The Cannonball 4:08
11 You Don’t Deserve Me (Extended Groove) 7:13

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