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Stacy Mitchhart – Printers Alley

This album will commemorate 24years of Stacy’s career here in Nashville & Printers Alley. During this time in
Printers Alley – Stacy & his band have performed for over l,000,000,000 muslc lovers from all over the World.

“l wanted this album to reflect how much Nashville & Printers Alley has meant to me, my family and my Band. As a special bonus for this record, and tribute to Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar in Printers Alley, we are doing a cover of the classic song “Basin Street Blues”. l’ve never released this song on a Record and wanted to pay homage to the New Orleans sound and connection to Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar. ln keeping with the Printers Alley theme – I have gone back and chosen several previously recorded songs that speak to the amazing crowds and moments l’ve shared on stage during my time in Printers Alley. It has been my pleasure to be a part of Nashville’s music community for 23 years and this 75 song album will certainly reflect how much it has all meant to me”. – Stacy Mitchhart

Mitchhart has always been a bandleader. He developed his sound and stagecraft at the helm of four groups in Cincinnati – climbing the pinnacle of the city’s blues scene. But when he played his first gigs in Nashville 18 years ago, he knew he’d found his musical home. “The very first time I came to Nashville I sold 24 CDs off the bandstand and the audience was amazing,” Mitchhart recalls. “They were alive!” In short order he was offered the house band slot at Printers Alley’s famed Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar.

“Very quickly, because there are so many tourists in Nashville, I realized I was seeing different people in the audience from all over the world every single night, and because this is Music City, they were really coming to listen,” he continues. The Stacy Mitchhart Band has become known as one of the top live acts in Nashville because our sound is different, and we bring a lot of energy to the stage.

Two decades later, that hasn’t changed. Mitchhart’s name is still synonymous with “blues” in the most rapidly growing city along the Cumberland River and he’s still playing 200 of his annual dates without leaving home. Thanks to the international following he’s largely built in Nashville at Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar, Mitchhart has also performed ln eight other countries.

“l’ve played everything from 50,000 seat, sold-out arenas to 5,000-to-15,000 attendance blues festivals to 1.,500-seat theaters to 250-seat clubs to a 4}-seat grocery store to backyard barbecues and weddings to corporate parties,” he relates. “The truth is,” Mitchhart continues, “l’m more comfortable onstage entertaining than I am in my own living room. l’ve spent my whole life there. And I feel like the stripped down approach of this new album lets other people get inside my music almost as deep as I do every night when l’m on stage.”

01 The Only Thing Missing
02 She Knows What To Do
03 Homewrecker
04 Something So Wrong
05 Shake
06 Feels Like l’ve Been Here Before
07 Brand New Same Old Blues
08 Doghouse Blues
09 What I Feel
10 I Might Be Your Husband
11 You Turn Me On
12 Why Did She Have To Leave
13 Live My life
14 Worried Mind Blues
15 Basin Street Blues

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