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Steve Mayone – Mayone

Format: DL & STREAM
Label: Mayone Music
Release Date: December 18 2020

Steve Mayone pays homage to Paul McCartney’s 1970 album McCartney with his new release Mayone. Recorded in Brooklyn during the initial months of the worldwide pandemic, Steve follows the arc of the original to create an album all his own. Described as a “master songsmith” by Americana-UK, his new album does not disappoint. “Mayone switches easily from roots Americana to well crafted power pop to country ballads. Whatever style he plays in, Mayone has a knack for a good tune.” Shindig!

“In 1993 Liz Phair released Exile In Guyville her song-by-song reply to The Rolling Stones’ 1972 album Exile On Main Street. Phair sequenced her songs in an attempt to match the pacing of the Stones album. In a similar way I made my own response/tribute to a personal favorite – Paul McCartney’s 1970 album McCartney. The McCartney album was a source of inspiration and a springboard for new ideas. Like his approach, I embraced the haphazard alchemy of painting with sound.

Paul’s first solo release was an escape for him, a way to reconnect to his creativity. He recorded it (mostly) at home, playing all of the instruments. It was his refuge from the chaos of the outside world and he approached the making of the album as an experiment. He said the making of the album was “very necessary at that time, cause otherwise, I wouldn’t have anywhere to go to get away from the turmoil.” In those solo sessions, it became clear to Paul that treating his music as therapy was yielding positive results: “it’s a bit like after an operation, where you want to rest but you’ve got to push it.” (from Man On The Run by Tom Doyle).

In March 2020 Matt Keating and I were beginning to mix the debut album for our band Bastards Of Fine Arts. Matt contracted the virus in its early stages, and thankfully recovered a few months later. My wife and I were isolated at home with two young kids. My studio was my refuge from the madness of the world. It was not in the plans for me to make a solo album that would be released before our debut album, but I had a sense of urgency. What if I was next to get sick? Would this be the last thing I make?

I wanted to leave something behind that I would be proud of. Just in case.”

Steve Mayone, Brooklyn NY, September 2020

01 The Sweet Suzanne (0:31)
02 Dragging Me Back (2:14)
03 Muddy Cove (1:28)
04 Missouri Loves Company (2:00)
05 Underwater Cave (1:28)
06 Stuff (2:10)
07 I’ll Take You As You Are (2:05)
08 Sweet Little Anchor (2:30)
09 Can Do Attitude (1:34)
10 Like You’ve Never Been Away* * (3:15)
11 Sing Along Stuff (1:37)
12 Happy Alcoholidays* * (2:33)
13 Airport Goodbyes* * (3:53)
All songs written by Steve Mayone
except * by Matt Keating & Steve Mayone

Steve Mayone · vocals, guitar, piano, mandolin,
banjo, ukulele, lap steel, bass, drums, percussion
Yuval Lion · drums on
‘Like You’ve Never Been Away’
Andy Plaisted · drums
on ‘Stuff’ & ‘Sweet Little Anchor’
Steve Sadler · guitar & synth
on ‘Underwater Cave’
Billy Beard · big drum on Underwater Cave
‘Airport Goodbyes’
Tauras Biskis – drums
James Rohr – piano, organ
Jef Charland – upright bass
Mike Castellana – guitar
Martha Bourne – lap steel
Steve Mayone – vocals, ukulele, guitar, drums

Website Steve Mayone

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