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Steven Troch – Leftovers

Available at Bandcamp

Leftovers is a is a clear sign that Troch’s fuel tank is not running dry.
The last couple of years he’s been diving into the recording studio at
every chance he had. Often unprepared (rule n°1 never go in studio
unprepared) and always with 1 goal in mind…Trying to put some great
music on the proverbial tape.

The album kicks off with “Just a Thursday” a song dedicated to the
regulars of Steven’s favorite bar “Kafee Zapoi”. The song is a rustic
barroom swing and it stays in that vein for the next couple of songs. Lon
Eldridge croones one of his excellent original compositions. New
Orleans jazzy swing unravels on the Charles Mingus song “Jelly Roll”
followed by an acoustic bluessong about “Summershoes” written and
sung by Gerald Clark. In “Parnell Street” Steven, backed beatifully by
Jef Van Den Broeck’s bodhrán, proves that the harmonica is an
amazingly versatile instrument. Bill Barrett, Michaela Gomez and
Franky Gomez successfully put their own stamp on Broonzy’s favourite
“All By Myself” while remaining true to the original soul of the song.
“Almost The Real McCoy” is a tip of the cowboy hat to harmonica player
Charlie McCoy. “Your Sister” was recorded for “Rhymes for Mellow
Minds” but never made the album. The stripped-back “So Long” is a
melancholic beatlesque pop song about forlorn love. Steven pays
hommage to Del Rio, Texas (a town he has never been too :-)). “Bad Taste” gets a stylistic make-over by producer/engineer Nico Leonard. Finally time to buckle up for a psychedellic bluestrip into outer space and gentle gentle float away…..

“Leftovers” is a compilation of 13 previously unreleased tracks.
The album features unreleased songs, rarities & alternative mixes.
Recorded between 2017 – 2020 during 10 recording sessions in different studios.

01 Just A Thursday 03:15
02 I Just Can’t Read Yo’ Mind 04:40
03 Jelly Roll 03:05
04 Summershoes 03:02
05 The Fly 04:05
06 Parnell Street 02:05
07 l By Myself 03:38
08 Almost The Real McCoy 02:31
09 Your Sister 02:44
10 So Long Ago 03:13
11 Del Rio 03:15
12 Bad Taste (Bad Up Version) 03:35
13 My Own Universe 08:55

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