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The WildRoots – WildRoots Sessions Volume 1

With the release of WILDROOTS SESSIONS VOLUME 1, Victor Wainwright and Stephen Dees celebrate 16 years of a musical partnership that began in 2005. After the 2015 release of the critically acclaimed award winning record BOOM TOWN, The WildRoots are back! Only this time out, there’s a different focus. Stephen and Victor felt it was
time to spotlight all the great players and singers who have been a big part of all their past and current collaborations. In addition to Victor, WILDROOTS SESSIONS VOL. 1 will also feature lead vocals by John Oates, Beth McKee, Nick Black, Stephen Dees, Patricia Ann Dees, Anthony “Packrat” Thompson, Robert “Top” Thomas (Smoke House), Billy Livesay (Clarence Clemmons/The Livesays), Mark Hodgson (Midnight Creepers), and Chris Merrell (Dicky Betts).

Core members, Victor – Piano, Organ, Vocals; Stephen – Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Vocals, Production; and Patricia Ann – Saxophone, Vocals, Flute, Bass; are joined by WildRoots alumni Billy Dean – Drums, Charlie DeChant – Saxophone, Greg Gumpel – Guitar, Stephen Kampa –
Harmonica, Ray Guiser – Sax, Nick Black – Guitar, Vocals, Ray Guiser – Saxophone, and Alberto Cruz – Drums.

Guest musicians of note include Michael Shrieve (Rolling Stones Best Drummers of All Time: #10/Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame with Santana), Bryan Bassett – Guitar (Foghat/Wild Cherry), Lucky Peterson — Hammond Organ, Pat Harrington – Guitar (The Train), Todd Sharp – Guitar
(Rod Stewart/Delbert McClinton), David Kent- Piano (Hall & Oates) and Eddie Zyne- Drums (Hall & Oates/Foghat).

The WildRoots team understands the music and its traditions; steeped in a variety of Blues, Soul, and Roots Rock ‘n’ Roll, with exceptional
songs and musicianship.

Track List:
01 634-5789 (feat. Victor Wainwright & Patricia Ann Dees) 3:12
02 Something in the Water 2020 (feat. Billy Livesay) 3:30
03 Move Along Part 1 (feat. Patricia Ann Dees) 4:46
04 Our Last Goodbye (feat. John Oates) 5:06
05 Santa Claus is Back in Town (feat. Victor Wainwright) 3:00
06 Easy Chair (feat. Patricia Ann Dees) 4:56
07 Memphis Queen (feat. Nick Black) 3:55
08 Square (feat. Stephen Dees) 3:47
09 Cradled in the Bosom of Jerusalem (feat. Victor Wainwright & Beth McKee) 4:02
10 King Snake Crawl Revisited (feat. Robert “Top” Thomas) 4:07
11 Move Along Part 2 (feat. Charlie “Mr. Casual” DeChant) 1:50
12 Misty Morning in New Orleans (feat. Mark Hodgson) 5:12
13 Where I Am (feat. Anthony “Packrat” Thompson) 4:03
14 In a Sad Room (feat. Chris Merrell) 5:45
15 Bend in the Road (feat. Patricia Ann Dees) 1:30
16 I’m Yours (feat. Victor Wainwright & Charlie DeChant) 8:08
Songs written by: Stephen Dees – Trks 2,3,4,7,8,9,11,15; Dees/Victor Wainwright – Trks 6,13,16; Dees/Bryan Bassett – Trk 14; Dees/Robert Thomas – Trk 10, Dees/Pat Travers – Trk 12, Floyd/Cropper – Trk 1, Leiber/Stoller – Trk 5.
This record is lovingly dedicated to the memory of the late great Eddie Zyne, see you at the bend in the road brother.

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