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Vanessa Collier – heart on the line

My fourth CD, titled Heart On The Line, includes 11 songs, with 8 of my originals (lyrics and music all written by me) and 3 covers, James Brown’s Superbad, Randy Newman’s Leave Your Hat On, and a song covered by Bonnie Raitt, written by Maia Sharp and Liz Rose, I Don’t Want Anything To Change.

This album is focused on songwriting and brings together my diverse inspirations and ideas and, on this album especially, more of my personality. There are stories of dealing with people that always need one more thing before they’re happy, stories about giving so much of yourself that you have to pull back sometimes, and stories about growing up and finding yourself.

Similar to my previous records, the songs on Heart on the Line pay respect to the traditions and roots of blues music, but branch out with my own blend of rock, funk, gospel, NOLA, and soul grooves and, of course, my love of the saxophone. Each song is different and I hope you find a favorite (or two or three…)!!

01 Super Bad
02 What Makes You Beautiful
03 Bloodhound
04 I Don’t Want Anything To Change
05 Leave Your Hat On
06 Take A Change On Me
07 If Only
08 Weep And Moan
09 Who’s In Power
10 Freshly Squozen
11 Heart On The Line

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