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The Dustbowl Revival – With a Lampshade
Here is a great live album by The Dustbowl Revival, who have easily gone over 500.000 views of their new video in just a few weeks time. Just say and click “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”
to watch
You can listen to the rest of the album here:
CSCCD 1119
Released across Europe in June

Jeff Healy – The best of the Stony Plain years
whilst best known for his energetic bluesrock, Jeff Healey’s first love for music has probably been old style jazz. Stony Plain has released a couple of albums where Jeff plays the trumpet with musical friends. The best tracks are now available on this friendly priced compilation,

Click HERE to listen
SPCD 1380-cover

Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters – Father’s day
And whereas the Dustbowl Revival overflows with youthful energy, grand old master of classy blues Ronnie Earl always enchants with his dynamic and soulful playing. Father’s Day is yet another set of some of the finest and most tasteful guitar sounds to be found: period!

Click HERE to listen
SPCD 1385-Cover-sq

Ian Tyson – Carnero Vaquero
Ian Tyson is a true legend. Starting his career in the early ‘60s in the duo Ian & Sylvia, he helped lead the folk revival and pioneered “country rock” with The Great Speckled Bird. Since the mid-80s Ian has been regarded as the preeminent
western singer songwriter.
The album title: “Carnero” is the Spanish word for ram, and “Vaquero” is Spanish for cowboy, and, indeed, the cowboy tradition in the south-western United States.

Click HERE to listen to Carnero Vaquero
SPCD 1384-Cover-sq

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