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Surrender Hill – A Whole Lot Of Freedom

Years before forming the Americana duo Surrender Hill, songwriters Robin Dean Salmon and Afton Seekins chased their own muses as solo artists. Salmon was an award winning [...]

6 september 2020 // 0 Reacties

Michael Veitch – Best Of Many Days

Once in a blue suede moon, a record comes along that does its part to move the dial on folk and roots radio. “Best Of Many Days” is a culmination of Michael Veitch’s [...]

6 september 2020 // 0 Reacties

Mystix, the – Can’t Change It

The Mystix are recognized for their unique interpretation of americana, reaching back to the blues and gospel music of the 1920’s, as well as their inspired original [...]

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A Band Called Sam – Legacy

Label: Highlander Records The DNA of Blues icon Sam “Bluzman” Taylor resides in every note of this inspired recording. His disciples, A Band Called Sam – equipped [...]

31 augustus 2020 // 0 Reacties

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