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Andres Roots – Winter

(English translation by Frances Leusink)
Again some mighty fine blues! This time from Andres Roots from Estonia. That’s to say, he wrote all thirteen tracks and plays either guitar or dobro on all these tracks. No less than 14 musicians were flown in from the United States, United Kingdom, Finland and Latvia to take care of the vocals, drums, floor bass, helicon and harp.

It’s no secret to insiders that Andres guarantees craftsmanship on the strings, but the variety he shows with all these musicians will definitely be a surprise.
The tracks vary from gritty and dirty to almost tender and lovely with now and then moving vocals.
To start with the latter , All-in the Cards, sung by Mikk Tammepöld, almost freezes your blood; what a wonderful voice!
For the gritty part you are being served perfectly by Spider in the Bed sung by Steve Lury (also together with Andres on the album ‘Live in Lerwick). Steve also takes care of the forceful harp playing. All together a beautiful combination.

It’s almost a shame that Latvian lady Lorete Medne en Edgars Galzons just do the track Solitaire. Lorete has this laidback way of singing, with an almost childlike naivety in her voice. Edgars with the helicon gives the track a nice swampy sauce.
Winter Blues with the vocals of Bert Deivert and him also playing the mandolin give this track a warm wintery glow.

In Morganfield Blues one feels the spirit of good old Muddy and it sounds like the hands of Andres are being directed by the master himself.
Louie Digman is steamed up by a frantic drumming Andres Mikk and passionate playing Andres in Alligator Blues; a great track!
The last track of this album is Silver Lining. It’s beautiful, a little melancholic, with superb slide guitar of Andres topped off with some fine piano of Louie Digman.

For me all the bragging and boasting about the new album of The Rolling Stones is not my cup of tea. Andres Roots shows that there is far better blues to get. For me at least!

01 Karlova Blues
02 Winter Blues
03 Thanks For Bringing Me Down
04 Tea For Alex
05 All In The Cards
06 Morganfield Blues
07 Get Me Back
08 Spider In My Bed
09 Spanish Run
10 Solitaire
11 Someplace Nice
12 Alligator Blues
13 Silver Lining

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