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Concertreview Dirt River Radio / Radio Interview

Text: Herbert Schluter
Interview: Frances Leusink
Photo’s/video: Jan van Eck

And yet again! In 2014 we had a ball with the men of Dirt River Radio and after waiting for two long years finally on Sunday August 28 this band appeared again for a more than enthusiastic crowd at NixenMeer, Enschede, The Netherlands.

In a different setting however, as for the NixenMeer crowd the familiar front men and eye catchers ‘Danger Alexander’ Raunjak (vocals and white Gretsch) and Heath Brady (vocals and black Gretsch) were now accompanied by bass man Anthony Casey and ‘woodworker’ Matt Bray.
But all four of them responsible for the latest album: Sun City White!

Of course a lot of the songs were from this new album (not out yet in Europe). Songs like The Ballad of Jacky Favours (about the neighbor of Alex Jaunjak), Black Eyed Mondays and the unexpected tender and goose bumps causing title track Sun City White as a tribute to Alex’ dad.
Dirt River Radio 2016-1604
The first set ended with Heath Brady’s version of Unchained Melody. Hilarious laughter in the crowd, but after the first couple of bars we knew this was something very special. A simple but beautiful performance starting off with just Heath and his Gretsch and then ending with the full power of the entire band.
Dirt River Radio 2016-1591
At the start of the second set we missed Danger Alexander. Heath Brady already took account for a couple of songs as Alexander dealt with some flu-like symptoms. His return to the stage resulted in grins of his band mates: ’How long does it take to change a G-string’? A flashy reply: ‘Ask your mum’.
Dirt River Radio 2016-1593
If you haven’t seen these guys before: this is one of those honest-straight-forward bands. One of these ‘not talk, just brushing’ bands. Pros who know how to make music and to make the crowd happy.
Postcards from the Road, Methamphetamine Boogie, Lady Muthafucka en Cocksucking Blues, with COCK written in capitals on their set list.
Dirt River Radio 2016-1612
They ended with the DRR anthem ‘All My Friends’ to which the whole crowd sang along:

‘All my friends are fucked up, and all my friends are drunk, but all my friends looked after me, so I think I’ll get fucked with them today…’

No wonder the grins on our faces lasted for the rest of the week. This band Dirty River Radio is just fooking awesome!

From Tuesday 6 september you can listen here to the interview Frances had with Heath Brady:

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